Is Thin Still In ?

Do you cringe every time you hear the word 'fat'? Are you on a diet all year round? Do you exercise compulsively? Do you...

Facial Exercise is not the way to go

Facial exercises do nothing good for your face. When you exercise muscles, you move them, but it's the movement of those muscles that caused your...

Eye Brow Shapes

Too Thin - Study your face carefully in a mirror. Do your eyebrows dominate your other facial features? Are the arches like, really thin ? -...

Finger Nails

- Yellow Nails -- Soak your nails in one-fourth cup of bleach mixed with one-half cup of water. - Not Quite Dry -- Coat wet...
10 tips for perfect lips

10 Tips for the Perfect Lips

Whether you want a pout or a bow, there is a lipstick and a lip liner to achieve the look. Follow these simple steps...

5 DIY Tips to Beautiful Feet

Personal grooming cannot be complete with beautiful feet. Pamper your feet and showcase them in your favorite sandals with these easy  5 DIY at...

Holiday Party Make Up Ideas

Whether you have a dinner, office, or New Year's Eve party to get ready for -- or it's just happy-hour with your coworkers, we've...

Hair Washing Techniques To Improve Hair Texture

If you wash your hair every day and it still gets greasy (especially at the scalp), replace that daily shampoo with a soft conditioner...

Guy Style

Hey guys! Think worrying about what to wear is just for girls? Here are a few of my favorite rules about fashion for guys: - Buy...
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