Speech Therapy Clinics in Jakarta

6 Speech Therapy Clinics in Jakarta

Has your child’s teacher expressed concern on your child's speech or language skills? Or perhaps, you notice an occasional stutter while talking to your...
University Admission Plan: Prepare Ahead Tips for Success

Preparation for Parents of University Going Children

Just yesterday you have been helping your child decide what to wear or what to eat. But suddenly you realize how time flew by...

How to Press Flowers for Creative Projects

Pressing flowers is fun! Pressing flowers is an ancient art form. Botanists from both the Greek and Roman periods were known to preserve plants...
University Admission Plan: Prepare Ahead Tips for Success

University Admission Plan: Tips to Prepare Ahead for Success

By: Yogita Jigar Dhabalia Most students dream of going to an university and train for a professional life. There is a big difference between just...
Indoindians - India Club Children’s Painting Competition

Indoindians Event: Winners of Children’s Onsite Painting Competition 2018

Indoindians invited children 6yrs to 16 yrs to participate in our third painting competition to express their artistic impression on the topics Beautiful Green...

9 Mother-Child Bonding Activities

As children grow up, they spend less time with their parents. Quality bonding time also becomes limited as  as children will develop hobbies and...

13 Recommended Preschools in Jakarta

Early childhood education is a very important stage for your children. It’s the perfect moment for shaping their self concept and developing their cognitive...
Creative Children

5 Ways to Develop Creativity in Children

Contrary to what people think, creativity is not in-born in every child. It has more to do with skill rather than talent, which means...

Saraswati Learning Center (SLC), Jakarta: Recognising the Ability

About Saraswati Learning Center (SLC) Saraswati Learning Center (SLC) is a non- profit organization working for children with special needs from newborn to 18 years upwards. We...

Reshma Wijaya Bhojwani, Founder of Saraswati Learning Center

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me….You may not realize it when it happens, but...

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