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Hair Washing Techniques To Improve Hair Texture

If you wash your hair every day and it still gets greasy (especially at the scalp), replace that daily shampoo with a soft conditioner...

Bidadari Island Resort

Bidadari Island Resort Bidadari Island Kepulauan Seribu Jakarta 14450 Phone Number: +62 21 5406 304; 680 048 Email:musee-chateau-gombert@enprovence.com A superb resort which abounds with everything one would expect to see...

Bharatnatyam Dance courses in Indonesia

PRARTHNA Fine Arts, Jakarta (http://www.prarthnafinearts.com) and Chidambaram Arts, Bandung have joint forces as KALAVRSTI to offer courses in Bharatanatyam. KALAVRSTI web site can be accessed...
fruit and vegetables

Atkins for Vegetarians

A few years ago a friend followed the Atkins diet with amazing results. She lost 20kg over 6 months and said that she did...

Ganpati Baba Moriya Mangal Murti Moriya

Dear Friends and Devotees of the Lord, This time, Sankathara Chaturti falls on Sunday. Please come with your family and friends to celebrate this joyous...

Google desktop search your PC

Google Desktop doesn't just search your PC for files, e-mails, attachments, and Outlook contacts. It can also keep track of the Web pages you...

Resep Franky dari India

Bahan-bahan: Untuk 10 buah Adonan Isi: 3 sdm minyak untuk menumis 175 g bawang Bombay, cincang kasar 2 sdt jahe cincang 4 buah (60 g) cabai...

Secured Vs Unsecured Cards

Secured and unsecured cards can be used to pay for goods and services. However, a secured card requires you to open and maintain a...

SBI Indonesia – New Offices & New Facilities

SBI Indonesia opened a new sub-branch at Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta West, on 11th Dec 09. This is our 8th office in Jakarta , bringing...

List of International Schools in Indonesia

Jakarta has more than 100 private and public institutions of higher learning, including the University of Indonesia, founded in 1950, the nation's oldest university....