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Raja Ampat Sunset

#WhatToDo at Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an amazing destination. Many will make it an once-in-a-lifetime trip because of the remote location. The trip can be as luxurious or...
Raja Ampat: Unadulterated Natural Paradise

Raja Ampat: Unadulterated Natural Paradise

With greens and blues as far as the eye can see, located in the far-flung reaches of Papua, Indonesia, Raja Ampat is a place...
Beauty and the beach: skin and hair tips before, at, and after the beach

Beauty and the Beach: Tips to keep your skin and hair...

Do not let the sand, the heat, and the saltwater at the beach side holiday ruin the beauty that is you. Going for a holiday...

5 Interesting Places You Need to Visit in 2020

Let’s make your 2020 travel plans! Grab your passport, apply for visa, book a ticket and make 2020 the year you broaden your horizon...
5 Public Libraries to Visit in Jakarta

6 Public Libraries to Visit in Jakarta

Jakarta is not only home for many shopping malls, outdoor tourist attractions, or fancy restaurants where you can spend your free time at. The...

Best Domestic Airlines in Indonesia

Flying all around in Indonesia is no easy feat. There are many airlines to choose from and you have to think about the connections...

How to travel around Indonesia on a budget

Travelling is one of the activities that is proven to lower stress levels. Travelling around Indonesia is amazing with so many different natural biomes....

6 Places you #MustVisit in East Kalimantan

East Kalimantan is famous for its nature reserves, green areas and pristine waters. Here, you can experience anything from beaches to lakes. Their nature...

6 Spooky Tours in Indonesia

Indonesia is a country where anything haunted or mystical is still a huge part of local culture. Perhaps that is also the reason that...

Want to Explore Europe? Check These Tips Out

Europe is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. In addition to a variety of fascinating tourist attractions, a trip to...