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Kite Flying Festival At Jal Mahal

As in the past, the Department of Tourism has organized Patang Utsav (Kite Festival) with traditional gaiety on 14 January at Jalmahal in Jaipur....

Keraton Kaibon

Keraton Kaibon (Kaibon Palace) Jalan Mesjid Agung, Kroya Village Serang Jakarta 42191 Phone Number: +62 254 200 010 (Dinas Pariwisata Kabupaten Serang) Description: Keraton Kaibon lies about one kilometer from...

Kerala, a tropical Venice

By Poonam Sagar: If rowing through the canals of Venice is an architectural feast, gliding through the waterways of Kerala is a banquet of...

Keindahan Gereja-Gereja Goa

Naskah: BRINDA Gill. Fern: SATYAJIT S. GILL Sepanjang Laut Arab, terbentanglah negara bagian Goa, sebuah daerah tropis yang didominasi oleh warna-warna biru dan hijau yang membujur...

Mesmerised in Mysore

Aficionados of art and culture throng to Mysore to explore its rich aesthetic past which has been immortalised in many forms – woven intricately...

Mesjid Agung Banten

Mesjid Agung Banten (Banten Grand Mosque) Jalan Mesjid Agung Serang, 100 kilometers west of Jakarta Jakarta 42191 Phone Number: +62 254 200 010 (Dinas Pariwisata Kabupaten Serang) Description: Built around...

Arus Liar Rafting

Adventurers will enjoy rafting at the Citarik river in Sukabumi,West Java.Located in the slope of Mount Halimun National Park. Choose from various packages, from 1/2day...

Destination Jakarta

Once saddled with a reputation as a poverty-ridden hell hole, Jakarta mutated into a metropolis with all the outward appearance of an Asian boom...