Why Choose to Stay at a Villa in Ubud

Why Choose to Stay in a Villa in Ubud?

Bali, Island of the Gods, is indeed one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. It offers a lot of exotic beaches, luxury...
Indoindians Ultimate Guide to Bali

#TravelGuide: Bali for the First-Timers

Bali the 'Island of Gods' is one of the ten most popular travel destinations in the world. It is funny how many people we...
Sambal Matah Recipe from Bali

Sambal Matah Recipe from Bali

Bali is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but also its rich culinary heritage. Visiting Bali is incomplete if you don’t try the...

SUBAK Irrigation in Bali, on Unesco World Heritage List

A key to the Balinese psyche is the subak system of rice-field irrigation. Through collaborative arrangements, water that starts high in the mountains flows...
ayam betutu kedewatan

Balinese Recipe: Ayam Betutu / Roast Chicken

This is a favorite on warung menus and is served with the famous Kedewatan nasi campur. The chicken is simmered with a pile of...

Tulamben Diving Bali Indonesia – Aquasport Dive Indonesia

Indonesia - Tulamben diving has been recognized as one of the best snorkeling spots in Bali. But before we go into that, let's take...

Introduction To Bali

History According to Nagarakertagama, an east Javanese chronicle, in the 4th century Bali was conquered by the Hindu Javanese kingdom of Majapahit, infusing the island...

Bali: Last Paradise on Earth

By Mehru Jaffer At numerous art exhibitions showing constantly in Jakarta, it is so easy to single out the unique works of Balinese painters. They...
Ghatotkacha Statue in Bali

Ghatotkacha Statue in Bali

By Rosemarie John - Built in 1993, the colossal white statue of a mythological battle scene from the epic Mahabharata depicts Ghatotkacha, a courageous...

Indian Destination Wedding – Bali

Marriages are made in heaven and what better place to celebrate this relationship, but the Island of Gods – Bali. Bali is now THE...