Japanese Skincare Routine for Mochi Skin


In the past, glass skin was the trend among Korean skincare enthusiasts all around the world. 7-step skincare routine was seen as the norm, which is completely the opposite of Japanese skincare routine. Japanese skincare focuses on layers of hydration along with gentle cleansing. If done properly, the skincare routine will result in Mochi-like skin which is bouncy, supple and soft to the touch.

Here is the skincare routine to achieve mochi skin:

  1. Double Cleansing

The first and foremost step to soft, bouncy mochi skin is to double-cleanse. This will prevent you from getting all sorts of skin problems, such as acne. This will also help you to achieve the highly sought-after mochi skin.

Double cleansing requires two steps to be done. For the first, use makeup removers to clean up the makeup, sunscreen and dirt off our faces. The makeup removers can be customized according to our needs-whether it is by using micellar water, cleansing oil, milk cleanser, facial cleansing wipes or cleansing balm. Afterwards, clean your face using facial cleanser-choose between a foaming or gel cleanser depending on your skin type.

  1. Face Lotion

At this step, people would usually use a toner to clean up remnants of dirt and return the skin’s pH level. That is not the case with Japanese skincare, as they use face lotion instead of toner. As it is easily absorbed to the skin, it is used to moisturize, hydrate and soften skin.

  1. Serum & Essence

After applying face lotion, donโ€™t forget to put on serum and essence. Both of these products have become the go-to products for Japanese womenโ€™s skincare routine, for the products work in sync to achieve hydrated skin.

  1. Sunscreen

Finally, sunscreen is the final step to achieving mochi skin.ย Japanese women are unlikely to face the outdoors without a layer of sunscreen on their skin. Sunscreen becomes the most important product to use on a daily basis due to the harmful effects of UV rays to our skin, that cannot be underestimated.

Have your practiced this skincare routine? What do you think about it? Tell us your experience and your opinion in the comments section below!