Better Safe than Sorry: 11 Simple Strategies to Be Prepared for a Second Wave of Coronavirus


The world has been in the grip of Covid-19 since the beginning of last year. As Covid rages again in a second deadly wave, people need to be more careful. As a society and a community, we can do our part in trying to curb the spread of the deadly Novel Coronavirus by not being complacent.

These are some simple steps we can take every day to be prepared and to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones.

  1. Wash Your Hands Regularly

After a year of washing hands on a regular basis, it has become a habit. Sometimes, we tend to be complacent and forget to follow the health guidelines. The virus just needs one cell to multiply and if washing hands with soap can prevent that, we should remember to follow it every few hours.

2. Sanitize Your Surroundings

In all households, cleaning is an essential part of daily routine. To avoid succumbing to the Disease, try and sanitize your surroundings regularly while cleaning. The best way is to use soap and water. Wiping door handles and switches in the house with soap and water disinfects them. Using a strong disinfectant to clean your floors weekly and to wipe off any packages arriving through online shopping also helps.

3. Stay Hydrated

Water has all the essential minerals as well as enough oxygen to help our body achieve proper organ functions.ย  Along with drinking 1.5-2 L of water a day you should also take the prescribed doses of multivitamins consisting of Vit C and Vit D which will keep you healthy and assist you in maintaining your immunity.

4. Incorporate Breathing Exercises

Simple breathing exercises done regularly have proven to increase your oxygen levels and cultivate inner peace. A ten-minute daily routine of yoga and pranayama as well as deep breathing exercises will do wonders for your overall mental and physical health.

5. Exercise as a Family

Exercising has always been the key to keeping fit and to avoid unnecessary ailments. It is vital in recent times as Covid has taken over our way of life. Gyms are partially open in many places but most of us avoid them due to health safety reasons. In such cases, exercising at home is the best option. There is a plethora of exercise videos online. Choose one and try to incorporate it as a family activity where you all exercise together as well as spend quality time too.

6. Cook and Eat at Home

People who eat a balanced meal are at a low risk of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases. Stock up on all essential ingredients and start cooking well balanced home cooked meals. Even if you are ordering in to support local businesses, make sure to steam or microwave the food before eating and dispose of the package immediately.

7. Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleeping is imperative to restore our body to its best possible state. A 7-8 hrs of good sleep every night can lower your risks of diabetes and heart disease as well as help in reducing stress and give clarity in thought. A well-rested person will generally demonstrate a better immune system and take more planned decisions.

8. Once a Day- Steam

Steaming has always helped to clear blocked nasal passages in common flu. There is no reason why we cannot use the same technique to remain safe. Every evening taking steam with salt and turmeric will help your nasal tubes stay clear and will also help in taking care of any unwanted viruses lurking in the respiratory tract.

9. Mask up

There is a new guideline for wearing masks nowadays. Many experts including Dr Anthony Fauci recommended the double mask for better protection against the virus. One surgical and one cloth one covering it. So, whether you wear one mask or two, just mask up correctly when stepping out, to ensure you are protected from the virus as much as possible. Just remember to wash your cloth masks with soap and water and replace your surgical masks every day.

10. Vaccinate yourself

In case you are eligible for the Vaccine, go get vaccinated. By doing so you are not only protecting yourself but your near and dear ones too as you reduce the risk of transmitting the disease. In the event of a second wave of the deadly virus, you will minimize the risk of getting infected and that is an advantage.

11. Follow health protocols and guidelines

This is the most important rule to stay safe. Recently we have seen residents of several countries flouting national guidelines and as a result these countries have ended up in a severe second wave of the pandemic. Educate people at home and your neighbourhood community to follow protocol and guidelines to remain safe and avert another deadly second wave.

Ensuring the safety and good health of our loved ones and ourselves is in our own hands. If each one of us does our part to take effective steps to follow the simple strategies outlined above, I believe we can be well prepared for the uncertain future. Let us strive to be safe and healthy.

Shilpa Karve - Indoindians Content Contributorby Shilpa Karve