Kavita Javeri, owner of Sparkle Salon and event organizer

Kavita Javeri, owner of Sparkle Salon

Kavita has been living in Indonesia since 1997. She owns Sparkle Beauty Salon in Taman Kemayoran Condominium (TKC). She started Sparkle to cater to...

Malti Mulchandani, the founder of Pin-Up Treats Jakarta

If you love eggless, vegan and gluten-free cakes, Pin-Up Treats Jakarta is probably a familiar name for you. Behind those amazing, delicious artisan cakes,...
#IndoindiansProfile: Ankit Awasthi, Country Manager (Indonesia) of ThreadSol

#IndoindiansProfile: Ankit Awasthi, Country Manager (Indonesia), ThreadSol

Recently we interviewed Ankit Awasthi, Country Head (Indonesia), ThreadSol. Ankit shared his views on textile and garment industry in Indonesia, his career journey, and...

Payal Chellani: Passionate Bollywood Dancer & Choreographer

Payal Chellani has been known as one of the best Indian dance choreographer in Jakarta. She teaches dance for weddings, parties, and some shows...
Ravi Makhija, Enhancing the Education Links between India and Indonesia

Ravi Makhija, Promoting Indian Education in Indonesia

It is difficult to believe that Ravi Makhija’s wide experience in education sector happened by chance and not by design. “We Indians in the...
Manoj Tolani, Talisman Insurance Brokers

Manoj Tolani: Risk Management Through Insurance

Having an insurance plan is like always having an umbrella in your hand—you’ll be always ready for the rainy days says Manoj Tolani, co-founder of...
Amol Titus_ Strategic Advisor Educationist Writer Mentor

Amol Titus: Strategic Advisor, Writer, Educationist and Mentor

Amol Titus is a senior strategic advisor, writer, educationist and mentor based in Jakarta. He is a University Gold medalist from St Stephen’s College,...
DJ Vishal Teckwani, a Bollywood DJ and founder of Ambiance

Vishal Teckwani, Bollywood DJ & founder of Ambiance

For the Indian community in Jakarta, DJ Vishal is a familiar name. He is recognized for bringing the mix of Bollywood music to night...
Ricky Mulani: An Attitude of Learning Leads to Success

Ricky Mulani: An Attitude of Learning Leads to Success

Ricky Mulani is Founder and President Director of Quantum Select International. He attributes his success to his perfectionist and ambitious attitude. With a Bachelor...
Jaideep Bhattacharjee: Going Effortlessly with Performing Arts and Culture

Jaideep Bhattacharjee: Connected to Cultural Roots

A career in the oil and gas, power and petrochemical industry brought Jaideep Bhattacharjee to Indonesia. He has been in this industry for the...