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The objective of the business section is to feature and promote business between India and Indonesia through online information exchange supported with offline business events, expert talks and networking sessions. As well as to feature the prominent business leaders and news makers.

Diet Guru Aditi Srivastava

Aditi Srivastava – Dynamic Entrepreneur & Diet Consultant

Believes we are what we eat Aditi Srivastava, a dynamic entrepreneur is the Director of Diet Mantra- India's largest and only nationwide chain of Diet...
Bussiness Tips : 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers

Business Tips : 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers

1. SAY thank you and smile. Project an image of someone that others will want to do business with. A good attitude is a...
Manoj Tolani, Talisman Insurance Brokers

Manoj Tolani: Risk Management Through Insurance

Having an insurance plan is like always having an umbrella in your hand—you’ll be always ready for the rainy days says Manoj Tolani, co-founder of...
Ravi Makhija, Enhancing the Education Links between India and Indonesia

Ravi Makhija, Promoting Indian Education in Indonesia

It is difficult to believe that Ravi Makhija’s wide experience in education sector happened by chance and not by design. “We Indians in the...

Interview with Neeraj Khiani, CEO of Bounce Street Asia

Did you know that an hour of bouncing can help you burn up to 1000 calories? Bouncing is one of the alternatives you can do...
Art Karat Jewelry in movie BajiRao Mastani

Interview with Saket Modi, CEO of Art Karat

You are probably familiar with the Art Karat, a jewelry brand from New Delhi, India, which has been in business since 1986. A company with a...
Amol Titus_ Strategic Advisor Educationist Writer Mentor

Amol Titus: Strategic Advisor, Writer, Educationist and Mentor

Amol Titus is a senior strategic advisor, writer, educationist and mentor based in Jakarta. He is a University Gold medalist from St Stephen’s College,...
Indoindians Online Business Directory

Join in Indoindians Business Section Online

Indoindians is the news & information portal - connecting and supporting the people of Indonesia and India to promote mutual understanding, friendship and business for mutual...
Anoop Vaswani is the Director of E&U Indonesia and Associate Director of ETHOSpace

Anoop Vaswani: Focus on Design Excellence

Anoop Vaswani started his career in finance with a growing interest in the restaurant industry after he graduated from Oxford Brookes University (UK) in...

Mumbai HR Summit May 24-25, 2019

8th International Convention of Human Resources ProfessionalsMumbai HR Summit 2019 On May 24-25, 2019 at Ramada Powai, Mumbai.  Theme: Human Capital Management-Challenges & Solutions Institute of...