Indonesian Wedding

Guide to Indonesian Weddings

During the course of your stay in Jakarta it is highly likely that you will be invited to an Indonesian wedding. In fact many...

Useful Websites

Once you have your computer set up and are connected to the Internet you can access many websites that provide useful information to help...

Finding Your Home in Jakarta

Jakarta is a large city with a variety of neighborhoods. Here is some information for newcomers to help you select the most appropriate place...

Bargaining hints

For many Indonesians bargaining is a way of life and getting a fair or cheap price is regarded as a challenge. Sometimes vendors name...
Hints: Staying Healthy in Jakarta

Hints: Staying Healthy in Jakarta

When coming to live in Jakarta for the first time most expatriates are concerned to know what health care facilities are available in the...

Hints: Useful Telephone Numbers

This month we have compiled a list of useful telephone numbers for you to print out and keep by your phone. Emergency Numbers Medical Emergencies Fire Department...
Hints: Paying Utility Bills

Hints: Paying Utility Bills

If you will be responsible for paying your own utility bills, please note the following hints regarding this process as it will differ, in...
Permits and Procedures for Living in Indonesia

Permits and Procedures for Living in Indonesia

Expatriates who wish to live and work in Indonesia need numerous documents issued by various Indonesian government departments. The procedures for obtaining all of...

Hints: Helping Children Settle In

An international move can be a very stressful experience for adults, and even more so for children who may be too young to understand...

Hints: Information for Newcomers

As a newcomer in Jakarta you need to find sources of useful information to help you find your way around and feel settled in...