IndoIndians Art Event: Art of Giving to support SLC & showcase Artists

All artists at the Indoindians Charity Art Event
All artists at the Indoindians Charity Art Event

Indoindians community came together to support Saraswati Learning Centre with the Indoindians Charity Art Auction & Exhibition’ at 1Park Avenue (21/04).

It was a really special day – Easter, Kartini Day and a room filled with kind and generous hearts who wanted to make a difference to the world around them.

The event featured 20 amazing artists who exhibited their artworks. They had each also created an unique buddy artwork with the children at SLC which were then put up for auction later during the day.

50 children participated in the on-site children’s painting competition on theme ‘kindness’. From our art exhibition to the children competition, love could be felt all over the room.

Indoindians Art Exhibition

The 20 artists presented their 4 best artworks for the exhibition. Arun Samak was our only photographer and Archana Agarwal showcased her ‘Go Green‘ artwork from recycled materials. The artists in an ode to Kartini, came dressed in their beautiful sarees.

It was the perfect place for artists to showcase their work, and talk about it.

Honored Guests Mrs & Mr KK Agarwal, H.E Rudrendra Tandon (Indian Ambassador to ASEAN), Ibu Dewi Motik, Stella Maris and Ayla also came to help support the cause. They were given a tour of the exhibition to view the paintings of the generous artists and came to know the stories of each of the paintings.


inaugration of charity art event 2019
Inauguration of charity art event 2019

inaugration of charity art event 2019


For your viewing pleasure, here are the artworks presented at the art exhibition:

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Onsite Children Painting Competition

The children painting competition had a lot of enthusiastic participation by almost 50 children of age group 6yrs to 16 yrs. Parents were seen supporting and encouraging their children. All in all, the event was an exciting one for both the children and the parents themselves.

Children expressing themselves at Indoindians Onsite Children Painting Competition.

Saraswati Learning Centre

The highlight of the event was the performances by the children of Saraswati Learning Centre. The entire audience were very inspired and touched by the performances of numerous songs by the differently abled children.

The other highlights included – founder of SLC Reshma Bhojwani was recognized as an awardee by World Woman Leading Change Indonesian.

Charity Art Auction

The art auction was ably conducted by founder of ISA Art Advisory, Deborah Iskandar as auctioneer of the day. She presented artists’ artwork to interested buyers in bids of months of sponsorship for underprivileged special needs children to attend SLC. It was full of positive energy and resulted in sponsorship of 18 children to attend school for 12 months.

The event was a particular success with many hands raised in support of SLC.

Deborah Iskandar, owner of ISA Art Advisory as auctioneer during the event.

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This year’s Indoindians Charity Art Auction & Art Exhibition had almost 400 visitors and more artists to contribute. The room was filled with more love and generosity towards the children of SLC.

A special shout out to all the collaborators:

  • Queens Restaurant for all the food and drinks throughout the event.
  • Intiland for providing the space at 1Park Avenue
  • Loreal for the goody bags for artists
  • SLC for the tokens of appreciation to artists
  • Deborah Iskander for being our auctioneer
  • Rakesh Jain for being our auditor of the auction
  • Shilpa Dhoka for her support
  • All participating artists, family and friends.

A successful and gratifying event for all. Get in touch with us for opportunities to collaborate on more such events here>>