Be positive

Be Positive

Namaskar friends, We have not experienced global disruptions of the severity we are witnessing today since World War 2. Governments have closed borders. Entire industries...

List of Music Concerts and Festivals in Indonesia 2020

This start of the new year, many events are cropping up including these fun and exciting festivals. Hurry and mark these events on your...

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Health & Well-being in Indonesia

Namaste friends, Good health is about the mind as well as the body - feeling physically fit, and feeling good about ourselves, means that we...
Where-to-go-7-Places to-Visi-in-Kediri-Simpang-Lima-Gumul-Monument

#Wheretogo: 7 Places to Visit in Kediri

Kediri, the third largest city in East Java is of great historical significance  as it was the seat of the Kediri kingdom. That would...

10 Traditional Indonesian Dances You Need to Know

Indonesia is a land full of culture and traditions, because it comprises of many different cultures gathered together. Since the beginning, dance has always...

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Living Green

If you are in Malang, come join Indoindians for coffee at Hotel Tugu on Saturday, 22nd April at 9.30am. Earth Day on 22nd April is...

Best Time of the Year to Visit Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of Indonesia’s havens for foreign tourists. It is also one of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia, famous for its...
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Hindi Poem: बचपन के खेल खिलौने by Usha Rani Bansal

बचपन में हम इक्कड दुक्कड, सटापू, गिल्ली डंडा, कंचे , गिट्टे , चूड़ी के टुकड़ों, से खेलते थे। छप्पन-छुपाई ,चोर - सिपाही ,खम्भा- खम्भा , मिल मिल कर...