SCORPIO: Astrological Predictions for 2018

SCORPIO: Astrological Predictions for 2018

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Scorpio: A year of Transformation to unleash and find your true hidden potential 

Dr. Sundeep Kochar, internationally renowned celebrity Astrologer, has the following astrological predictions for all Scorpios in 2018.

This year is perfect for seeking knowledge and inner transformation. You will be finding your true self during this year. Be careful with extravagant expenditures as it may put you in severe financial strain. Try not to take legal matters in your hands. It is better to avoid any investments and partnerships that involve risky legal matters.

First, you will be entirely focused on matters related to home. You will be ensuring things are better on domestic front. You will be spending a lot of your time and resources to rebuild the burnt bridges and in many ways you will find the true meaning of love and relationship by the end of the year.

Travelling abroad is on cards for those seeking higher learning or better career growth. You will also make more money overseas this year than at your homeland. In many cases, you may even move overseas.

Those who are married and have got children, your time will be spent on understanding the needs of your children and those who are married and do not have children, your spouse will be your primary focus. Building a relationship with your spouse will take your time.

Work-wise you will face some minor hurdles, but you will be more focused on putting or setting plans in place. You may like to seek a change in career or profession. By the end of the last quarter, you should feel the change and difference. For some this difference will be apparent and will lead to growth. The effects of Saturn will still be in last phase and will give you its final impact and depending on your other planetary placements the results will vary.

Sundeep Kochar is a celebrity astrologer. For personal interpretations he can be reached at 

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