CAPRICORN: Astrological Predictions for 2019


Capricorn – Just be in Autopilot mode. The work you have done will give you rewards if you keen focusing on the work

The impact of 7 years Saturn transit will start coming very soon and you should get geared up for it. Saturn will teach you the lessons in life and those who are spiritually inclined or with noble thoughts will have little trouble in adjusting to the impact of Saturn.

Those in career who have put extra mile will see success in all aspects. Your finances will improve and will improve significantly. You will have overcome your detractors and you will be able to face your adversaries strongly. You will see lot of support from your siblings and they will be good help when you need them. You will also see good luck on your family business and overall a good time to be in

The second half of the year will help you get closer to your spouse and may even take you for long vacation. Even if you are hit with legal matters, you will surely come out of it successfully. By the end of the first half things will become more prominent and it is good to take professional advice before entering in any legal matters. Overall a good year and steady year that will keep you happy and content with no major challenges.

 by Dr Sundeep Kochar is a celebrity astrologer. He can be reached at


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