5 Recommended Women and Children Hospitals in Jakarta

5 Recommended Women and Children Hospitals in Jakarta

For women who are a mother or expecting a child, mother and child hospitals are preferable. These hospitals provide great treatment and care for mothers, mom-to-be,...
Make Your Own Homemade GREEN Deodorant & Detergent with Rita Srivastava

A Month of Green Tips and Living by Rita Srivastava

Rita Srivastava  is  a green thinker and advocate. She will be sharing GREEN tips and ideas for the month of March 2019. Rita says 'Separation...

Feeling Gloomy? Here are 9 Tips to Improve Mental Health

When the days are busy, there will be times when your fatigue takes over. You might feel tired, exhausted, even too depressed to relax...

Get a Healthier Bedroom!

For some people, getting a good nights sleep is something that is difficult to achieve. The busy lifestyle filled with tasks and chores are...

Recommended Psychologists Clinics in Jakarta

Mental health is not something to be taken lightly. Although we can take continuous care of it on a daily basis, sometimes things so...

All About ‘Cupping Therapy’

There are numerous Chinese health treatments from acupuncture, moxibustion, qigong even herbal medicine. One of the practices that are already widely practiced in Indonesia...

#EventReport Indoindians Coffee Morning Health & Nutrition Talk: Is Sugar Toxic?

On January 16th 2019, Indoindians along with Geeta Seth, a a dietitian and 2 times gold medalist in nutrition organized morning health talk in...

Which Meditative Technique is Best for you?

A healthy person is a healthy physical AND mental state. The harmony and balance of both make up an individual that is healthy, energetic...

Oil Pulling, What Is It?

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurveda technique to clean the teeth. There are many benefits to oil pulling-some of the benefits goes to the...
#Event Report Ayurveda Workshop with Dr. Shilpa Dhoka

#Event Report: Ayurveda Workshop with Dr. Shilpa Dhoka

At the 7th December 2018, Indoindians organised an Ayurveda workshop with Dr. Shilpa Dhoka. It was a well attended workshop. The workshop was divided into...