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Our weekly e-newsletters deliver selected contents and information for Indoindians members.

7 little changes you can do to lose weight

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Health & Wellness

Wishing you terrific Thursday, Health & wellness can be a challenge in the midst of our busy lives and activities. SriSri Ravishankar's advice, mobile apps,...
Indoindians Weekly Newsletter - Refresh and Rejuvenate

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter – Refresh and Rejuvenate

Indoindians Weekly Newsltter: Refresh & Rejuvenate here>>  Namaste Friends, We at Indoindians, deeply care about our community. In these unprecedented times, we have been asking ourselves...

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Health & Nutrition Special

The super blue blood moon was magnificent last night. Photos of this rare natural phenomenon are flooding social media. Do you think this full...
Stay Healthy While Traveling

Indoindians Newsletter: Indoindians Vacation Special

Subject: Indoindians Vacation Special Indoindians newsletter this week focuses on tips and trick to make your vacation more enjoyable and convenient. Check out our tips on...
Batik Classes and Courses in Jakarta

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: So Many Things to Learn, Do & Experience...

Namaste friends, Whether you are a newcomer to Jakarta or have been living here for some time, there are lots of new learning opportunities and experiences...

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Friendship is the Key to Happiness

Namaste, Helen Keller once said ‘Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.’ Our health and happiness is...

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Cookery Demo Recipes, Painting Competition Winners & More…

Wishing you a peace and grace during the sacred month on Ramadan, The Indoindians weekly newsletter features Cookery Demo Recipes, Painting Competition Winners & More... All...
Indoindians Weekly Newsletter September 21, 2017

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter September 21, 2017

Happy Navratri… Jai Mata Di The nine-day festival of #Navratri in #Hindu religion is dedicated to the nine manifestations of Goddess #Durga. This year, Navratri...
Buddha Purnima - From darkness to Light

Happy Buddha Purnima – From Darkness to Light

Our online newsletter here>> Namaste friends, Wishing you all a very Happy Buddha Purnima 2020 - Buddha means the one who takes us from Darkness to Light,...
Indoindians new site look

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: What’s New

Online weekly newsletter here >> Every year, Halloween casts its spell over people of all ages. May your treats be many and your tricks be...