LIBRA: Astrological Predictions for 2019


Libra – Very interesting year and depends on how you see it

This year will be interesting, and it will give mixed results for people born of this zodiac. The events will again depend on your time and total birth charts and it is good to meet an astrologer to consult more in detail.

The year will be interesting on many fronts. For those who are spiritually guided it will be enriching as you will experience enriching spiritual experience and journey. Those who are not spiritually inclined will find solace from taking advice form elders especially from father. You will tend to break the order which is not in your nature and hence there will be a conflict.

You would like to focus on family and work but will be able to focus on only one aspect and it will be frustrating because you will see success in both areas. Though you can if need try to focus on both fronts, but it will drain your energy on both fronts as both fronts will give your positive results and you will just be gasping for energy to push harder. Those who are in debt will try to reduce your debt and those who are doing well will increase their bank balances significantly. This is year where you will find short trips and most of the trips may be work related or pleasure.

 by Dr Sundeep Kochar is a celebrity astrologer. He can be reached at


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