Soya Beans A Boon To Vegetarians

Soy Beans A Boon To Vegetarians

Soy bean is cultivated extensively in south Asian countries and U.S.A. In India soy bean cultivation is introduced in 1977. In our country it...
Gajar Ka Halwa

Indian Sweets Recipe: Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar (Carrot) Halwa Serves: 4 Time required : 30 minutes Ingredients : 250g carrots (preferably the desi variety), grated 5 tbs (75 g) ghee 1 litre cow's milk or skimmed...

The Perfect Classified Ad

Ever notice a classified ad that appears over and over, week after week? It is somebody's Perfect Classified Ad. It may not be a...
Photography at Dusk

Photography Tips

Photography Tips at Dusk Dusk is a very interesting time for a photo shoot. A moment after the sun goes down, we can see various...
So Simple and So Good – Pizza Margherita

So Simple and So Good – Pizza Margherita

Pizza is probably the most popular Italian dish, and hails from Naples, the nation’s third largest city. A Neapolitan pizza usually has a thin,...

Indian Sweets Recipe: Rabri

Thick, sweet milk flavored with essences Ingredients : 1 liter Whole milk 100 gms Sugar 1/4 cup sliced almonds 1/4 cup sliced pistachios Directions : Boil milk in a large pan. Keep...
Lettuce Celebrate

Lettuce Celebrate!

Salad without lettuce is salad without life. Lettuce packs more flavor, texture and color into a salad, be it curly, feathery or leafy. We may...
Malai Ghewar

Indian Sweets Recipe: Make Malai Ghewar at Home

Ingredients : 100gms Maida (white flour) 125 ml Milk 50 ml melted ghee for ghewar 2kg Ghee for frying 5gms Pistachio flakes 10 gms Vegetable oil 120 ml Water 100 gms Rabri 2gms...

Yoga Philosophy – Gayatri Mantra

Yoga Philosophy: GAYATRI MANTRA By Swami Ram Swarup, Yoga -Acharya, Ved Mandir Yol, Distt. Kangra (H.P.), INDIA Everybody wants peace and happiness. Nobody wants a single sorrow....
mango kulfi

Mango Kulfi Recipe courtsey Aparna Narang

Our friend Aparna Narang is a long time resident of Jakarta and is a great host. Her mango kulfi is famous and is shared...