5 Minutes To A Perfect Blow Dry

5 minutes from start to finish - Ready, Steady, BLOW...

Minute 1: Remove all excess moisture from the hair by squeezing it with a towel. Wet hair will slow your blow dry down; it also dilutes the strength of any styling product you use. Find one that suits your hair type and comb through to distribute evenly.

Minute 2: Put your head upside down and blast dry the roots with an ultra fast dryer to give hair a good lift. Use your fingers to move the hair in the opposite direction to how you want it to sit. Moving the hair into different directions stops the hair looking too set; you can always find your perfect parting after the blow dry but your first aim is to get hair to its fullest.

Minutes 3 & 4: Using a round brush or paddle brush, speed dry your hair in sections with the dryer pointing down the cuticle making sure each one is properly dry before moving on. Apart from the fastest dryer you can get your hands on; my advice is to use a round ceramic based brush. They act rather like a heated roller, smoothing the hair's cuticles to bring more shine to the finished result.

Minute 5: Finish off by blasting your look with cold air before giving hair a shake. Cold air is a professional's trick to holding a style in place. Warm air and heat softens the hair helping to shape the style, while a cold blast will lock it in place.

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