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COLONIALThe idea of a romantic date enjoying the serene and stunning sunset of Jakarta is so appealing! You don’t have to wait for this,...

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By: Danielle Hegedus Via Modernize Whether you’re part of the slow food movement, preparing gourmet meals from scratch, or you microwave like a champ, you still...
Navratri Celebrations Jakarta 2015

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Dear Devotees and Friends, You are most cordially invited to celebrate the Navaratri Celebrations in Jakarta. Venue: Graha Sindhu Hall Jl H. Samanhudi No. 31 Jakarta 10710 Tel: 021...
Mahatma Gandhi - Be the change

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Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd is a national holiday celebrated in India to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, fondly...
D' Bollywood October's Events Calendar

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This October, D’Bollywood celebrates India – South Africa Cricket matches, Saturday Sunday Buffet Lunches, Bollywood Saturdays and Western live band Fridays! ... Read on for...
Navratri the nine days of Durga

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The nine-day festival of Navratri in Hindu religion is dedicated to the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga. The most important Navratri in a year...

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Punjabi Samosas

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Bahan-bahan : Untuk 20 buahMinyak untuk menggoreng Mint/tamarind chutney, siap pakaiAdonan kulit :250 g tepung terigu, ayak 1sdt garam 5 sdm minyak 1 ½  sdt biji ketumbar, sangrai 100 g...

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In addition to money personalities, there are male-female difference in approaches to money that haunt many relationships. It could be said that some difference...
Academically gifted children have a number of special needs related to their individual level of intelligence and talent.

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Academically gifted children have a number of special needs related to their individual level of intelligence and talent. Many wrongly think that placing gifted...

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Thinking of taking some time off? You're not alone. Even the most career-driven is likely to take a break from their job.Plenty have benefited...

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Prison SMART Foundation, Inc. provides tools and techniques to American's youth at risk to empower them to change the pattern of criminal and violent...
Who Need Supplements

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Women may need to supplement certain nutrients. Calcium supplements may be necessary to help prevent osteoporosis for women who have cut back on dairy...



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