Our List of Favorite Online Fashion Stores in Indonesia

Our List of Favorite Online Fashion Stores in Indonesia

Buying fashion items becomes easy with fashion stores online - choose the product, pay, and wait for the product to arrive at your doorstep....

#WheretoGet: Custom Tailored Suits in Jakarta

Suits are a time-honored convention of menswear. They’re the ultimate expression of masculinity and simply have the ability to make every man look suave....
Body Types and Style

Body Shape & Smart Fit by Sarita Maheshwari Sharda, Certified Image...

Your genetics have a lot to do with the changing of your body; Most of us don't have a IDEAL body shape. Your genetics...

11 Types of Batik Patterns You Must Know

Batik is an important part of Indonesian culture. It contains cultural significance, as it is deeply embedded into the everyday lives and contains symbolisms...
Safety Tips in wearing Contact Lenses

Safety Tips With Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are actually supposed to be worn by people with eye problems. They’re more practical than eyeglasses, and for those who are not...
Creative Painted Bindis

Bindis: Trending Fashion Statement

Traditionally, the Indian Bindi or mark was applied by Hindu married ladies on their foreheads to symbolize marriage. Bindi is a dot which is...
Rekha Kishore Sadarangani, the Owner of Rewaaz Couture

Rekha Kishore Sadarangani, the Owner of Rewaaz Couture

When Indoindians team entered Rewaaz Couture’s studio, it felt like we just entered a wonderful closet, full of colorful Indian outfits, huge mirrors, and...
Style 7 Indowestern saree draping

#7StyleSareeChallenge Day 7: Indo-Western Style

This is the last style of our saree draping style challenge. This is a modern avatar of the saree drape and perfect for University...
color blocks

The Feng Shui Of Colors and Fashion

The main component of fashion is Color. Fashion Fengshui deals with the  vibrations of the colors as well as the numerology of colors Why is...
A Symphony of Saris

A Symphony of Saris

“The Sari, it is said, was born on the loom of a fanciful weaver. He dreamt of a woman, the shimmer of her tears,...