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7 Best Places to Buy Home Appliances & Products in Jakarta

Purchasing home appliances can be fun and profitable if you know the right places to purchase the same. You need to find good quality home appliances...

Best Places to Shop for Souvenirs in Jakarta

One of the best things about Indonesia are its amazing arts and handicrafts. Each province of Indonesia has its own distinctive characteristics which is reflected in the...
Art and Craft Supplies Stores in Jakarta

Offline & Online Art and Craft Supplies Stores in Jakarta

Bookstores like Gramedia and Paperclip usually fulfill the casual art and craft supply need in Jakarta, however, there are stores that provide a wider...

Recommended Laundry and Cleaning Services in Jakarta

Some clothes need special attention, especially gowns and tuxedos or even dresses made of delicate fabrics. You can't just chuck them in the washing...

Mangga Dua Trade Center, a Shopping Paradise in the Northern Jakarta

Located at the northern part of Jakarta, Mangga Dua area is not merely a shopping centre. Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan (Department of Tourism and...

5 Best Hair Salons for Hair Coloring in Jakarta

Are you looking to change the way your hair looks, but don’t want to cut it? Just update your hair color. Although there are...
k fun IDCR Indoindians Holi Color Run on sunday, 1st March 2020, at GBK Senayan

Get Tickets Indoindians Holi Color Run Sunday 1st March 2020

All ticket sales and race pack collections have been completed.  Now gearing up for the IDCR Holi Color Run on: Date & Time: Sunday, 1st March 2020...
5 Recommended Pest Control Services in Jakarta

5 Recommended Pest Control Services in Jakarta

Living in tropical country like Indonesia means that you also have to deal with a variety of household pests. Hiring a professional pest control...