Indoindians Events 2020 – A Compilation


Indoindians has reached out to engage and interact with its community at various levels and through events on many topics.

This included mega events like the the offline Holi Color run with over 5000 participants on 1st March 2020.


Then during the lockdown and stay at home restriction due to COVID-19 pandemic, the events moved online. The online events ranged from health, nutrition technology, art, creativity, workshops and may more.

  1. Indoindians Diwali eBazaar
  2. Indoindians Holi Color Run 
  3. Making Fresh Flower Garlands with Shanthi Seshadari  
  4. Karwa Chauth 2020 Event with Friends
  5. Stories Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi 
  6. Talking About Books
  7. DIY Workshop on Natural Lip Balm & Mosquito Repellent with Rita Srivastava
  8. Vision Board Workshop            
  9. Father’s Day Cake Bake Along with Kavita Kapoor 
  10. Cooking Shooking to Upcycle Festive Mithai
  11. #Event Report & Recipes: Cooking Shooking Vrat Ka Khana
  12. Cooking Shooking with Friends
  13. Cooking Shooking Probiotic Food with Friends 
  14. Cooking Shooking with Friends Part 3 
  15. Cooking Shooking with Friends Part 2 Recipes 
  16. Ayurveda Practices to Boost Immunity with Dr. Shilpa Dhoka
  17. DIY Sanitizer and Shampoo Workshop with Rita Srivastava
  18. Skin Health & Beauty with Geeta Seth
  19. What Should You Eat During Intermittent Fasting? 
  20. Let’s Talk About Cancer 
  21. What is Intermittent Fasting & Does it Work? 
  22. Meditation with Sangeeta Jaggia 
  23. Nutrition Immunity with Geeta Seth        
  24. Introduction to Meditation Workshop 
  25. Mindfulness Practice-A Creative Mind    
  26. Breathing Exercises for boosting immunity during COVID-19 Pandemic    
  27. Nutrition & Weight Loss with Dr Rajeena Shahin 
  28. Indoindians Online Event: Prevention & Treatment of Heart Attack and Angina with Dr Rajinikanth                
  29. Meditation & Breath Workshop by Art of Living Jakarta
  30. Online Health Session with Dr Rajesh on 28th May 
  31. Ask the Doctors: Coronavirus Q&A 
  32. 5 Breathing exercises to boost immunity during the COVID-19 pandemic
  33. Indoindians ‘Ask the Doctors’ info session       
  34. Parenting During Pandemic by Shareen Ratnani
  35. Unlock Your Potential with Shareen Ratnani
  36. Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Lalit and Shalini Matai  
  37. Mandala Art Therapy with Swati Nathani 
  38. Paper Quilling Workshop
  39. Watercolor Painting Workshop with Pavan Kapoor 
  40. Painting with Coffee Art Class